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About 2foresee

I offer qualified problem solving – both practically and legally – for your company and with your business’ best interest.

I have a deep understanding for cultural differences. All clients will have qualified assistance regarding their legal concerns.

For more than 20 years, I have worked with legal consultancy, contracts and court proceedings. Furthermore, I have worked with businesses, in company boards, with communication and with leadership. I have, besides a Master of Laws degree from Gothenburg University, a degree from IHM Business School, an education in market economy, as well as a MSc in Leadership and Quality Development from Mid Sweden University.

My main competence within the science of law is, apart from the conventional business law, real estates and buildings, along with processes. For clients needing their rights strongly met in court, I recurrently do court proceedings all over Sweden.


Business Law


Business law is a versatile area that requires a practical and functional proficiency, with a businesslike focus and a company understanding.

My competence here cover, among other, different kinds of contracts, acquisition and sale of business, assistance at shareholder’s meeting and board work, claims and debt dues, and assistance at negotiations.

Real Estates and Buildings


Within the field of real estates and buildings, I have experience working with for example transactions and purchasing as well as problems that are specific for acquisition, sales and construction.

Furthermore, my competence includes what is within the housing law; water right, environmental issues, easements, holdings and rents, etc.

Labor Law


Having employees can be complicated and when it comes to reorganizations and layoffs, things are often brought to a head and mistakes can be costly. I regularly assist clients in situations like hiring, reformation, and in negotiations with the trade union or when it has become a court process.

Within my competence regarding labor law, is also issues concerning work environment and similar questions.



To negotiate is every-day business for me – both in court and regarding business. To develop within negotiation, I have created a method where the negotiation process is firmly established in a qualitative base. This is a simple and distinct process, which enables development and experiential learning.

I am happy to share my knowledge regarding negotiation. Therefore, I have developed a course structure that extensively improves the negotiation technique of the participants, and improves the opportunities of reaching better and more profitable negotiation results in the future. My courses include both practical and theoretical exercises, and is held with 12-15 participants during two days.

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    Nicklas Lindblad
    Nicklas Lindblad Elite Group / CEO




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